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We have top grade A marijuana strains available for both medical and recreational purposes. Please visit our list of available strains now.


Cannabis oil produced only from special medical and most potent marijuana strains. medical test available.

        WAX & SHATTER

 Both top quality wax and shatter available on this page. Only the best for our clients.


                            BUY WEED ONLINE AS EASY AS ORDERING A PIZZA


After years visiting the most popular growing cannabis forums, we were frustrated with how hard it can be to research a cannabis grow and to get real answers to common growing questions. We also felt that there needed to be a more user-friendly way to educate people about growing.

We decided it was time to build a website to share how easy it is for anyone on almost any budget to grow their own cannabis indoors. We wanted to provide a resource with no login or account required, and instead just provide easy-to-access growing information for the world.

The basic premise of the wellness theory of marijuana is that the vast majority of consumers use medicinal cannabis as a wellness aid, to enhance the things that are most important in their lives-- not as an intoxicant, to escape from life.



We believe that marijuana should be made legal (and it will soon) and so do the majority of people who have suffered from this ongoing witch hunt for the last 60 years. It should be your sovereign right to possess a plant that naturally grows on planet earth as long as you do not harm others. Please spread the word and positive reviews about our online site and we look forward to seeing you buy from us soon. Remember, you get free shipping on any order over 1/2 Pounds and a discount if you are a medical user with proper documentation.

 This site was created to ship Extremely potent pot around the world We have successfully shipped thousands of orders using extreme stealth. We offer many different medical grade strains to choose from. We also offer convenient payment options, stealth shipping and great customer service! There are many other items in our catalog including Hash, BHO, Weed wax, marijuana, Shatter and more!