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Top Grade = These are well-grown, higher-end strains. Potent, fragrant, tasty and clean-burning. You can request a mixed variety of strains.

Mid Grade = Decent quality, more generic strains. Less flavor and potency than the Top Grade. Usually only one or two types of Mid Grade are available at a time.

Low Grade = These buds will be outdoor-grown, or lower-quality indoor buds. We usually only have one Low Grade strain at a time. We also offer the "Shake Blend" as a Low Grade option, it's a mix of all our bag-ends from the Top and Mid Grade strains.



What is a Sativa?
Sativa strains of medical marijuana are usually uplifting and stimulating. If you’ve ever smoked or ingested cannabis that makes everything funny and puts you in a great mood, it was probably from a Sativa strain. It creates a feeling of comfort, non-drowsy, and usually introspective highs.

The effects of smoking or ingesting a Sativa makes them particularly popular among artists and creatives. The most popular medicinal benefits range from treating mental and behavioral problems, to treating depression, stress and ADHD.

Why Indica ?
When you need to de-stress and relax, an indica strain will lend a hand. Known for their intense heavy-body effects, you’ll quickly feel your muscles relax and pain ebb away. Indica`s are best for nighttime use and are well-suited for indoor growers. These tend to be short, stocky plants native to cooler climates.

What are Hybrids?
Hybrids provide the best of both worlds. A hybrid is a mix of both indica and sativa cannabis varieties. Their effects vary from strain to strain. While the strain may feature traits from both cannabis species, the effects will either be slightly more mental or more physical. The overall high and growth patterns depend on each strain’s unique lineage.

Why Choose Hybrids ?

The benefits to smoking or ingesting a Hybrid marijuana strain are simply as follows.

Hybrid’s offer the best of both worlds combining several qualities of each containing strain. Some Hybrid’s are Indica dominant, which will offer pain relief and / or mellow mood, however may contain up to 50% Sativa so it will not make you too drowsy. Other’s may offer a Sativa dominant strain, which will encompass several calming benefits and pain relief, but also give a mellow, yet energetic high.

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1 ounce (30grams) for $280

1/8 pound (56grams) for $400
1/4 pound (112grams) for $750
1/2 pound (224grams) for $1200
1 pound (448grams) for $2200
1 ounce (30grams)....... 2 STRAINS
1/8 pound (56grams).......3 STRAINS
1/4 pound (112grams) ........4STRAINS
1/2 pound (224grams) .......5 STRAINS
1 pound (448grams) for $2200.....6 STRAINS


NB:  Due to the expensive nature of packaging materials and  packaging done professionally , to attend the 100% safe and discrete delivery, we do not sell lower than ounce.


Purple Kush

Strain Name: Purple Kush

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Looks: Dark green with bright orange hairs and trichomes that make it glow.

Smell: Very strong smell, will stink up my whole house if the jar is opened inside for longer than 5 minutes.

Taste: Sweet earthy grape

Effects: Intense body and head high followed by the need to sleep

Potency: Very potent 17% – 22% THC (leafly)

Good Strain For: Night time medication

Critical Kush

Strain Name: Critical Kush

Grade: A++

Type: Indica

Looks: Dark green with light green and hints of orange

Smell: earthy and skunky

Taste: Very sweet on inhale

Effects: Relaxing, tired, and gives off a very good high.

Potency: very potent

Good Strain For: Back pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, depression, headaches,

Moon Rock

Grade: A++++

Type: Not a strain

Looks: Nice size spear shaped caviar.

Smell: Pineapple Express Strain Review And Information .

Taste: Good

Effects: Absolute couchlock painkiller.

Potency: 10/10

Good Strain For: Nausea/vomiting, aids, cancer, hunger, more.



Grade: A+
Type: Sativa
Looks: very light green
Smell: Strong fruity smell
Taste: fruity
Effects: Very strong, dreamy, floaty feeling, munchies, happy, talkative.
Potency: 10/10
Good Strain For: Nausea/vomiting, aids, cancer, hunger, more..

Super Lemon Haze

Grade: A+

Type: Pure Sativa

Looks: Covered in crystals, orangish hairs, looks amazing

Smell: The smell is like a lemon and banana field mixed together, very fruity

Taste: Just like it smells, very fruity and pungent flavor

Effects: instant effects, bye bye pain

Potency: One of the strongest we have tried

Good Strain For: Anything

Sour Diesel

Grade: A+

Type: Sativa

Looks: Nice Flower

Smell: Stinky

Taste: Very Excellent

Effects:Takes you high for couple of hours

Potency: 10/10

Good Strain For: cancer, pains, Eye problem, appetite, sleeping problem,Nausea/vomiting,Relaxing, hunger, stress,Daytime use, mild sports (e.g. Golf or PS3) and social activities, insomnia, brain problem, body- alleviates depressed states, anxiety, nausea etc.



Strain Name: Chronic

Grade: A

Type: Sativa/Indica

Looks: Dark Green Tall Colas does not like to be topped

Smell: Skunky , Cat Pissy, Deep Pungent Odor

Taste: Sweet Skunky Very Good Taste Old School Skunk

Effects: Uppity,Energetic,Good for Chronic Pain (Daytime)

Potency: Strong Relief for 3 to 6 hours Of Chronic Pain

Good Strain For: Chronic to Sever Pain,


Strain Name: Skunk

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid, About 75% Sativa

Looks: A+) Shit load of crystals, lots of orange hair

Smell: VERY strong, smells like skunk. Unpleasant to most, But I love it

Taste: Very sour/stingy. You can tell its taste apart from other strains for sure

Effects: Good to get shit done, it’s sativa gives you lots of ideas and good vibes

Potency: 9/10 , You will feel it on the first hit

Good Strain For: Gaming, Focus, Anything really

Mexican Red Hair

Strain Name: Mexican Red Hair

Grade: B+

Type: Mix

Looks: Really dense and covered in little red hairs

Smell: Cant really explain other than run of the mill mary jane

Taste: little like pineapple

Effects: good body high

Potency: pretty high

Good Strain For: Eczama, headache, joint pain


White widow

Strain Name: white widow

Grade: B+

Type: Casey Jones x Super Lemon Haze

Looks: Has slight orange hairs and is very dense.

Smell: Like a lemon.

Taste: Like an orange.

Effects: Slight headaches and small illusions.

Potency: not to long.

Good Strain For: Relaxing.

Grand Daddy Purple

Strain Name : Grand Daddy Purple

Grade: A++

Type: Indica

Looks: purple. well dried no seeds

Smell: kick ass odor level PROP215 ALWAYS

Taste: sour and real purple. Overpowering berry aftertaste on this strain

Effects: This strain is very heavy on the eyes, even if your not feeling tired after smoking it, your eyes feel heavy enough that it is nice to close them for a minute, and before you know it you will be takin a nap. Not a work friendly strain by any means..but she sure gets the job done!


Pineapple express

Strain Name: Pineapple express

Genetics: Grand Daddy Purp x Afgan

Grade: A+

Type: Indica Dominant

Looks: Like Grand Daddy but smells different.

Smell: A bearded wizard’s mountaintop tropical starburst factory.

Taste: Grape Drank…(dank*)

Effects: mellow… happy… comfy and blazed :)

Potency: +18% THC

Good Strain For: Smoking


Gorilla Glue

Strain Name: Gorilla Glue

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Orange and red hairs light green

Smell: like Juicy Fruit and a little like oranges

Taste: Smooth

Effects: uplifting and pain free

Potency: 22% THC

Good Strain For: Stress, pain, appetite

Master Kush

Strain Name: Master Kush

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid / Indica Dominant

Looks: Very tall with spaces out leaves and some blue spots

Smell: Pine with a sweet smell

Taste: bland with good aftertaste

Effects: Improved senses radically very music enhancing, out of body experience good for mediation, peace, and great appreciation of music.

Potency: Very Strong

Good Strain For: Insomnia, Creativity, Meditation, Anxiety

Bubba Kush

Strain Name: Bubba kush

Grade: B

Type: Sativa w/ Indica Hybrid

Looks: Light Green with very bright leaves

Smell: Fruity with a hint of pine

Taste: Fruity

Effects: Super strong head high that makes tasks seem almost impossible

Potency: Very Strong

Good Strain For: Depression, anxiety, stress



Grade: A+ (Highest possible rating)

Type: Indica x Indica x Indica

Looks: The Chemical Brothers released Exit Planet Dust on 6/25/95; on 8/20/17, I met the medical equivalent. Quite frankly I was scare-roused when I saw it.

Taste: Consistent with smell on both inhale and exhale.

Effects: CAUTION!!! Should not be handled by “amateurs”. I made the mistake of medicating on alcohol and was passed out after 2 hours; resulting marker penis on forehead had to be explained to spouse.

Potency: I have never medicated with anything this strong before.

Strain Good For: Anything with little or no physical or mental activity e.g. sleep, movies, sleep.

Skywalker OG KusH

Grade: A+

Type: indica

Looks: light green with dark green spots, covered in crystals and hairs.

Smell: really danky cant really explain smell.

Taste: taste is one of the best i have ever tasted, but cant really explain.

Effects: one of the highest ive ever been. One of my favorites.

Potency: very potent gets you really high

Good Strain For: stress, back pain and just to have a good time.


From: Purple Lotus Patient Center

Grade: A+

Type: Sativa – Cross of Skunk, Cinderella 99, and Jack Herer.

Looks: Frosty, hairy

Smell: Dank

Taste: No aftertaste, heavy

Effects: Hits you quick and is very heady. I had energy but it was mellow. My head felt pretty floaty for about 2 hours, and after 4 hours I could tell the “Amnesia” had worked because I could not remember the previous 2 hours.

Potency: THC 24.33%



Grade: mid highs

Type: sativa

Looks: green and more green

Smell: Ancient
Taste: thick and dusty with a hint of lafy tafy

Effects: social head high, mellow. you out like a couple drinks

Potency: at least 15

Good Strain For: pain, sleep, tremors, breathing, eye pressure, add, anger

Uncle Andy

Grade: A

Type: indica

Looks: green light and dark, lots of redish orange hairs, covered in trichromes, inside the bud is sappy and like a mine of trichromes

Smell: Fruity skunky, smell up the room and everything it touches

Taste: fruity and potent…harsh on the throat and lungs a bit

Effects: instant feeling of high after exhale…long lasting (3-4 hours) energetic high

Potency: 10/10

Good Strain For: sleep, stomach pain, back pain, insomnia, ADD, anxiety


Blue Dream

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Beautiful, Green with plenty of orange hairs.

Smell: Sweety deep dank smell

Taste: Very minty

Effects: Very creative thought process. Can couch lock you if you take enough,also, will knock you out no problem at a high enough dose. Great for a social high… at the correct doses.

Potency: VERY high potency A+

Good Strain For: Anxiety, depression, insomnia, thinking, and pain.